When redesigning the Military Saves brand look and feel, we thought it best to begin with the logo. This became our plan of action as we feel a logo is the "umbrella" or overarching element that establishes a brand and truly sets the tone for the suite of creative collateral that falls under that umbrella. Taking into consideration that Military Saves targets multiple groups of people, we knew our design needed to reflect the support, motivation and encouragement that the nonprofit is based upon providing to the community. 

The MILITARY Saves MONTH Digital Tool kit


Once the brand was established we developed four different campaigns that would be included in a tool kit for Military Saves Month. This tool kit allows for various financial institutions to promote financial wellness in a turnkey way. The purpose is to assist servicemen and women and their immediate family members in their efforts to build personal wealth by reducing debt and establishing savings goals. Building wealth affords service members and their families an opportunity to achieve goals such as maintaining an emergency cash reserve, buying a house, or paying for college. Engaging military spouses is also critical, as they play a vital role in maintaining financial discipline and stability within their families.

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