We get U

While developing a brand evolution for United Federal Credit Union, we discovered the true spirit of UFCU. They pride themselves on being there for their members through all of life's highs and lows. They fit into the lives of their members and speak not only to their heads but to their hearts, as well. The youthful enthusiasm that UFCU exudes is contagious and creates an atmosphere that members want to be a part of. In order to illustrate these vibrant values, we shifted the brand's focus onto the vast personalities of their members. They're true ambassadors for the UFCU family.

We get U. We are YOU. We are U. 



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By the numbers


92% increase of deposits vs. YOY


2% increase in membership

Behind the scenes

Fan favorite

MWA helped us tackle two demographics, Boomers and Millennials to launch our new checking products. They exceeded our 60-day new deposit goal in 12 days!
Erin HennesySVP Marketing