Our creative advertising services

We don't buy spots and dots. We integrate platforms. We innovate approaches. We budget our clients' money like it's our own. Then we take a laser-focus market by market and find your consumer. We find them on their phones. On their apps. In their cars and homes. And once we find them, we build look-a-like models because we know there are a lot more of them out there.


We build unknown brands into known brands. Well-known brands into icons. We build brand advocates, ambassadors and evangelists. We don't just move the needle or awareness and perception, we go full throttle.

strategic planning

Michael Walters Advertising uses its map-to-market process featuring the 4 D's: Discovery, Data, Direction and Dissemination. It is a complex process that combines your product knowledge and history with our market knowledge, research and data. We would love to show you the process in detail, just ask.


Broadcast Media builds brands. It drives digital effectiveness. It sells product. At Michael Walters Advertising, we believe in a combination of traditional broadcast media complemented by targeted digital and mobile campaigns. Its how your consumers use media. Let's be where they are.


We live in a mobile world. On average, people use their phones over 150 times a day. Millennials prefer to be communicated through their phone. We use data to find your customers, model similar ones, then put your message directly in their pocket.


Make sure you are found when a consumer is searching. Simple premise, complicated algorithms. We have a dedicated team of people focused solely on SEO/SEM. They live and breathe analytics and helped make us a Premier Google Partner.


The best message in the world will fail if no one sees it. We use the data we receive from digital campaigns to define your consumer and their actions. Then we take that intel to create a targeted, cost-effective, one-to-one media strategy.