You Are Brave
You Are Brave

You Are Brave

Social Awareness.


The Problem

1 in 5 school aged children living in Montana will experience some form of bullying.

The Solution

Michael Walters Advertising created a series of YouTube videos that told the story, first hand, of those being bullied. These stories were both devastating to hear and inspiring to watch. They were intended to give those who are being bullied hope, and those who are bullying a chance to think about their actions.

The Results

Within the first week of airing the stories, over 1 million videos were watched in their entirety. In a state with a population of just 1.1 million.

“I have never had a better working relationship with a creative advertising agency than what we and Michael Walters Advertising have built together. It’s much more than a professional partnership; it’s like family.

Their incredible team has been personally invested in our Big Blue Sky Initiative campaign to prevent suicide and substance abuse in Montana. They have poured their hearts and creative minds into this project and deeply care about the important issues we are addressing. Their compassion shows in the tremendous campaign they have helped create.

Together, we have made a real difference in the lives of Montanans, and I can’t wait to see the long-term impact in our state.”
John Doran
Director of Strategic Marketing Services

You Are Brave

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